Account:Any account held by an Eligible Member in WANDERWOO where WANDERWOOPOINTS can be earned.

Eligible Members: Members who meet the criteria to participate in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme, following the guidelines in these Terms and Conditions.

Participating Outlets: Businesses, merchants, or outlets that take part in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme.

Principal Account: The WANDERWOOPOINTS account managed by WANDERWOO on behalf of the Principal Member.

Principal Member: The Member who holds a valid WANDERWOO Membership.

Rewards: Goods, services, benefits, or other privileges determined by WANDERWOO, which can be redeemed or obtained using WANDERWOOPOINTS through the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme.

WANDERWOOPOINTS:The points awarded to a Member under the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme, based on these specified Terms and Conditions.


  1. Eligibility for participation in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme is extended to all paying WANDERWOO Members whose accounts are considered to be in good standing. The determination of an account's good standing is at the sole discretion of WANDERWOO.
  2. In the event that a Member's membership is terminated or suspended, whether initiated by the Member or WANDERWOO, the Principal Member associated with that account will also lose their eligibility to participate in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme. Any unused WANDERWOOPOINTS linked to terminated or suspended memberships will be subject to forfeiture or invalidation, as decided by WANDERWOO at its sole discretion.
  3. WANDERWOO retains the absolute authority to decide which accounts are eligible for participation in the Programme. Additionally, they have the right to disqualify any account or account holder from participating in the Programme without being required to provide reasons for such disqualification.


  1. Eligible Members receive Wanderwoo points through "swipe and matches," and the number of points awarded is the same for all members. However, Wanderwoo has the discretion to change the allocated points. Here's a breakdown:

    a) Eligible Members: These are the individuals who are qualified to participate in the program.

    b) WANDERWOOPOINTS: These are the points that members receive as part of the program.

    c) Swipe and Matches: This likely refers to a method or action by which members earn points, possibly by swiping a membership card or engaging in certain activities that result in matches, and subsequently, points.

    d) Same for All Members: Initially, it appears that all members receive the same number of points for a particular action or set of actions.

    e) WANDERWOO's Discretion: The organization, Wanderwoo, has the authority to change the number of points that members receive. This means they can increase or decrease the points awarded based on their own judgment or business decisions.

  2. WANDERWOOPOINTS earned are credited to the Principal Member's membership account and can be used for the redemption of rewards and benefits under the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme. Exceptions can be made if the Principal Member authorizes another individual to make redemptions from their account.
  3. Additional bonus WANDERWOOPOINTS may be earned during special offers or promotions determined by WANDERWOO for the duration of these offers or promotions.
  4. WANDERWOOPOINTS have no monetary or cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.7. WANDERWOOPOINTS have no monetary or cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  5. WANDERWOOPOINTS earned between January 1 and November 30 expire on December 31 of the same calendar year. Points earned in December expire on December 31 of the following year.
  6. WANDERWOO reserves the right to determine or amend the validity period of WANDERWOOPOINTS, the conversion rate of unredeemed WANDERWOOPOINTS into Membership Grand draw chances, or to suspend, terminate, or modify the terms and conditions of the Membership Grand draw for unredeemed WANDERWOOPOINTS, without prior notice to WANDERWOO Members.
  7. To earn WANDERWOOPOINTS, Principal Members must present their valid membership card at the point of sale before making any payment or purchases. Awards are subject to these Terms and Conditions, as well as the terms and conditions set by Participating Outlets and approved by WANDERWOO.
  8. WANDERWOO reserves the right to suspend, decide, change, or vary Participating Outlets, the type or amount of qualifying purchases, and the corresponding number of awarded WANDERWOOPOINTS without prior notice to Members.
  9. WANDERWOOPOINTS accrued in the Principal Member’s Account are not transferable or assignable to another Principal.


  1. Members who participate in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Rewards Programme confirm that their provided information is accurate. They consent to WANDERWOO collecting, using, and disclosing their personal data as outlined in WANDERWOO's Privacy Policy, which relates to membership, interest groups, events, services, and facilities. This policy is amended from time to time in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. Members are also responsible for obtaining the necessary consent from third parties when providing their personal data. By using the WANDERWOO Membership Card or continuing to participate in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme, the Principal Member is considered to have read, understood, and accepted the terms of WANDERWOO's Privacy Policy.
  2. WANDERWOOPOINTS accrued in a Principal Member's Account can only be redeemed by the Principal Member or someone duly authorized by the Principal Member to make redemptions. Authorization can be given or revoked by the Principal Member.
  3. Principal Members can use their WANDERWOOPOINTS in the following ways:

    a) Redemption of Rewards through specified channels as allowed by WANDERWOO,

    b) Redemption of instant discounts on WANDERWOO-operated facilities, activities, and courses via the mobile application "WANDERWOO" as allowed by WANDERWOO,

    c) Redemption of instant discounts at selected Participating Outlets as stipulated by WANDERWOO,

    d) Redemption of a 6-months WANDERWOO membership via the mobile application "WANDERWOO."

  4. The list of Rewards and the number of WANDERWOOPOINTS required for redemption are determined by WANDERWOO and are subject to change. WANDERWOO may amend the WANDERWOOPOINTS required for redemption or change or remove a Reward from the list without prior notice to WANDERWOO Members.
  5. Redemption requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to the availability of sufficient accumulated WANDERWOOPOINTS and the selected Rewards at the time of redemption. Redemption and use of a Reward are subject to additional conditions specified by WANDERWOO or the Participating Outlets.
  6. If WANDERWOO is unable to supply the product or service stated in a Rewards Voucher or collection letter for any reason, they may substitute the Reward with another of similar value.
  7. Requests made through alternative redemption channels, as informed by WANDERWOO, are considered duly made by the Eligible Member(s) upon confirmation of the Rewards.
  8. The estimated time for processing redemption is two (2) weeks. For redeemed Rewards, WANDERWOO sends the voucher or email with redemption information to the Principal Member's mailing address by ordinary surface mail, at the Member's sole risk.
  9. Requests for Redemption Vouchers to be sent via other types of mail or mail services (other than ordinary surface mail) are not permitted. Requests for Redemption Vouchers to be redirected or sent to an address other than the Principal Member's mailing address will not be entertained.
  10. When redemption is made at selected Participating Outlets, the Principal Member or a duly authorized person must attend to the redemption in person and present the WANDERWOO Membership Card to the staff at the Customer Service Counter of the Participating Outlets.
  11. Upon successful redemption of a Reward, the corresponding amount of WANDERWOOPOINTS required for that redemption will be deducted from the Principal Member's Account.
  12. When a collection letter is issued by WANDERWOO, collection can only be made during the indicated redemption hours. Principal Members are advised to call the Participating Outlet to check on availability before collection.
  13. Redeemed Rewards, whether used or not, cannot be exchanged for other rewards, refunded, replaced, or converted into cash or credit under any circumstances. Deductions of WANDERWOOPOINTS for the redemption of Rewards are final and cannot be reinstated.
  14. Redeemed Rewards must be used within the specified expiry date, if applicable. Expired vouchers, certificates, or tickets will not be replaced or extended by WANDERWOO.
  15. Rewards in the form of vouchers, certificates, or tickets will not be accepted if they are defaced, torn, or damaged.
  16. WANDERWOO is not responsible for replacing expired, damaged, lost, or stolen Rewards, collection letters, vouchers, certificates, or tickets.
  17. If any redeemed Rewards are found to be damaged or defective, the Principal Member should contact the supplier/manufacturer or Participating Outlet. The terms of the supplier's/manufacturer's/Participating Outlet's guarantee or warranty (if any) apply to the redeemed Rewards.
  18. WANDERWOO is not responsible for any losses resulting from the redemption of Rewards. WANDERWOO is not liable for products or services provided under the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme by Participating Outlets or third-party operators. Participating in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Program indicates agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
  19. No monthly statements will be issued. Eligible Members can check their WANDERWOOPOINTS and redeem products and vouchers via the WANDERWOO app "Wanderwoo."
  20. Any questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme, WANDERWOOPOINTS accrual, or the redemption and usage of Rewards will be resolved at WANDERWOO's sole discretion. WANDERWOO's decisions are final and binding on Principal Members.
  21. WANDERWOO may suspend and/or terminate the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme at any time. No compensation will be provided to Principal or Eligible Members, and unutilized WANDERWOOPOINTS will be forfeited or invalidated upon suspension or termination.
  22. In case of abuse or fraud related to WANDERWOOPOINTS issuance or Rewards redemption, WANDERWOO may cancel accrued WANDERWOOPOINTS and issued Rewards Vouchers at its discretion.
  23. Principal and Eligible Members authorize WANDERWOO to disclose their information to third parties as necessary for the Program.
  24. Members assume all risks and liabilities for loss, damage, or injury to themselves or others arising from participation in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme. WANDERWOO disclaims any liability related to a Member's participation to the extent permitted by law.
  25. WANDERWOO does not provide any representation or warranty regarding goods and services purchased by Eligible Members, whether WANDERWOOPOINTS were awarded or not. WANDERWOO is not liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, costs, or expenses related to these purchases, and any such claims should be directed to the relevant merchant, manufacturer, or third party, rather than WANDERWOO.
  26. WANDERWOO does not provide any representation or warranty regarding goods and services offered as Rewards, including warranties related to quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. WANDERWOO is not liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, costs, or expenses related to the redemption, supply, or use of Rewards, and such claims should be directed to the Participating Outlet or relevant third party.
  27. WANDERWOO is not liable for claims, losses, damages, costs, or expenses incurred by Principal Members related to various factors, including failure to notify changes in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Program, events beyond WANDERWOO's control, loss or damage from the use of the Membership Card, and participation in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme.
  28. Principal Members are responsible for indemnifying and holding WANDERWOO, Participating Outlets, and third-party operators, service providers, or suppliers of Rewards harmless from any claims, losses, damages, costs, and expenses arising from the Member's participation in the program, redemption of Rewards, use of the Membership Card, or breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  29. WANDERWOO can modify the terms and conditions related to Rewards' redemption or usage at any time, and Principal Members are bound by such variations and amendments. Principal Members are encouraged to regularly check the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme website for updates to these Terms and Conditions.
  30. The collection, use, and disclosure of Principal Members' Personal Data will follow WANDERWOO's Privacy Policy. By using the Membership Card or participating in the WANDERWOOPOINTS Programme, Principal Members are deemed to have accepted the Privacy Policy's terms.
  31. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.
  32. WANDERWOO's records related to the program are conclusive and binding on Eligible Members.
  33. WANDERWOO's decisions regarding matters related to the program are final and binding on Eligible Members, and no correspondence will be entertained.
  34. WANDERWOO reserves the right to amend the provided information without prior notice.